#Save Stage Lighting

What is this?

The Association of Lighting Designers has launched a campaign to protect the futures of venues and theatres across Europe.  There is currently an enormous threat being made to the way theatrical productions are presented.

The European Union (EU) is proposing, in its Eco-design Working Plan 2016-2019, to change the rules that govern the light sources used in theatrical productions. In effect, they want to bring the vast majority of quality theatre lights under the same rules that govern domestic and office and industrial lighting.

These new regulations are intended to start from 1 September 2020 and if implemented as written, would dramatically impact all areas of entertainment lighting and all who work in this field – lighting creators, lighting users and lighting manufacturers. The impact on theatrical production across Europe would be immediate, and overwhelming.

Follow this link to read and download a little ‘primer’ guide to the current and proposed rules, mainly aimed at collecting all of the information together into one place. There is some confusion or uncertainty about just what is being proposed and just why it’s such a problem. Compiled by the Save Stage Lighting team and other members of the entertainment lighting community, this document aims to establish what is currently being proposed and the potential effect on our industry.

The #SaveStageLighting Campaign aims to demonstrate to the EU Energy Directorate the widest possible cultural opposition to these proposals. We are encouraging everyone to sign and share the petition and to contact their MEPs.

It is absolutely essential that we are successful in our endeavour of securing an exemption for stage lighting from these proposals. This has the potential to harm everyone from technicians, actors and designers to agents, critics and audience members. The consequences of failure would be catastrophic to the entertainment industry and European culture.

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