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"Callum MacDonald‘s biography says he’s “a fresh face to the theatre industry…..with a growing portfolio”. If the lighting on Miss Nightingale is indicative of his work then his portfolio will grow substantially, there’s plenty of room for someone with such talent for lighting. It’s not easy to put in a “pop-up” lighting rig but there are no compromises here in the design – it looks beautiful"

Theatre Reviews for 'Miss Nightingale'

Musical Theatre Review

"These are complemented by the lighting – Callum Macdonald’s design bounces off the costumes with enough punch to match the score."

Musical Theatre Review for 'Miss Nightingale'

Ipswich Star

"enormously helped by a very atmospheric set which is lit brilliantly"

Ipswich Star for 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

What's On Stage

"outstandingly lit"

What's On Stage for 'Miss Nightingale'


"The stark puritan settings were splendid and the lighting design created the oppressive atmosphere well.."

NODA for 'The Crucible'

Keep Colchester Cool

"The design, setting, lighting and a blistering soundtrack, set the mood perfectly"

Keep Colchester Cool for 'A Streetcar Named Desire'